Why Vodacom Business?

Empower your business with our world-class IoT solutions. Automate processes, cut costs, explore new markets and business models to stay competitive in a hyperconnected future. Our secure, global network supports any connection type. We make IoT simple to deploy and manage. You’ll also be supported by a global network of business IoT experts who make sure you have the right tools to implement your projects.

Connecting your business with IoT

Nugget Number 1
Improve productivity, security and sustainability

Collect, process, and use data more intelligently to improve productivity, security and sustainability decision-making.

Nugget Number 2
Drive efficiencies

Gain more visibility of the whole supply chain - from sourcing to distribution - to drive efficiencies.

Nugget Number 3
Adopt predictive analytics

Embed Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning across operations to move towards predictive analytics - where issues and threats are addressed before they materialise

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Key IoT Connectivity solutions


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IoT Connectivity

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