Vodacom Vitals Screening

Vodacom Vitals Screening

Vital Screenings Benefits

01 Accessible

Mobile app based, key vital signs using artificial intelligence (AI)


02 Peace of Mind

Knowing that everyone has a Green status in work and public places


03 Risk Management

Identifying risks based on real clinical measurements - not just relying on answers to questions



Vital Screenings | Vodacom Business

Vodacom Business in partnership with Instant Vitals™ is a unique mix of signal processing and AI technologies which measures critical vital signs with medical-grade accuracy.  Using a video taken from the upper cheek skin region of the face, Instant Vitals™ extracts vital signs by applying motion compensation and illumination normalization, and works on any skin colour and for any age or gender.  The vital signs medical wave form extraction is based on a remote or direct photoplethysmography (rPPG/PPG) signal using unique, superior artificial intelligence





More Than Just Temperature

Temperature screening is insufficient for COVID-19. Instant Vitals™ measures key vital signs for early detection




Encrypted QR-Code

It’s your personal Instant Vitals™ data wallet. Works like an airline boarding pass.




Scan and Go

Present your QR-code (or mobile number) when entering work, school, shops or any public place. Screen and enter




For The Individual

Daily screening to monitor personal health and wellness




For The Business

Scan any individual Instant Vitals™ QR code at entrances and exists


More benefits



Universally Accepted

Individual QR codes can be scanned at any venue for safe entrance



Medical-Grade Accuracy

Certified and Accuracy Tested


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