Business Internet DSL

Low-cost, copper-based Internet connectivity that's always on.

  • Business Internet DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a flexible fixed-line Business Internet access medium
  • It's cost-effective because you don’t pay for the time you spend online - only for the amount of data transfered

To get Business Internet DSL

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What is Business Internet DSL?         

Business Internet DSL is a flexible fixed-line Business Internet access medium, specifically aimed at addressing the unique requirements of small- and medium-sized businesses. It's ideal if your business needs to always be connected to the Internet but your Internet usage does not justify installing a dedicated fibre, microwave or satellite Internet access line. With BC DSL, you have a choice of line speed and data volume to suit your needs.

Why should I get Business Internet DSL?

High-speed Internet for business

Business Internet DSL provides a high-speed solution to suit your business requirements, such as rapid data transfer and dedicated Internet access.

Flexible packages to save costs

Get a capped service and pay only for the data you use with the option to top up, or choose an uncapped service at a fixed monthly fee with unlimited data.

Built-in redundancy and fail-over

Our business-grade DSL has fail-over functionality so the infrastructure is always available. It's backed by a high-quality service and guaranteed by an all-fibre infrastructure until the last mile of copper.

Fixed-line reliability

Business Internet DSL uses existing telephone lines so the infrastructure you need for Business Internet access is readily available. 

Easy to add on additional Internet services

You can easily scale and add business applications like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), Storage Area Networks and online back-up solutions to achieve greater functionality.


How do I get Business Internet DSL?

To use Business Internet DSL, you need:

You can bring your own DSL line and still get Vodacom Business Internet.

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Already a Vodacom Business customer?

View your data balance and top up online.

Business Internet DSL capped and uncapped price plans

If your data usage is...Then choose...
Constant and predictableCapped access – with a Top Up option
High, unpredictable and changes frequentlyUncapped access – flat monthly rate for unlimited data usage

We offer a choice of Business Internet DSL speeds

If you need..Then choose...
Rapid upload, download and transfer of a lot of large filesA faster line speed
Reliable Internet access and email delivery without much concern for speedA slower and less expensive line speed


Business Internet DSL capped price plans

Price planLine speedOnce-off NRC (Incl. VAT)12-Month contract (Incl. VAT)24-Month contract (Incl. VAT)

Business Internet


Up to 2 048KbpsR1 343.98R352.80R345.74

Business Internet


Up to 2 048KbpsR1 343.98R382.85R375.19

Business Internet

DSL (10GB)

Up to 4 096KbpsR1 343.98R561.37R550.14

Business Internet

DSL (15GB)

Up to 4 096KbpsR1 343.98R604.14R592.06

Business Internet

DSL (20GB)

Up to 10 240KbpsR1 343.98R799.76R783.78

Business Internet

DSL (30GB)

Up to 10 240KbpsR1 343.98R884.82R867.12
Business Internet DSL (40GB)Up to 10 240KbpsR1 343.98R969.77R950.37


Business Internet DSL uncapped price plans

Price planLine speedOnce–off NRC (Incl. VAT)12-Month contract (Incl. VAT)24-Month contract (Incl. VAT)
Business Internet DSL (2Mpbs)Up to 2 048KbpsR1 343.98R1 270.55R1 245.14
Business Internet DSL (4Mpbs Uncapped)Up to 4 096KbpsR1 343.98R1 579.23R1 547.65
Business Internet DSL (10Mpbs Uncapped)Up to 10 240KbpsR1 343.98R2 962.14R2 902.89

Please note:

  • Maximum line speed depends on coverage
  • All Business Internet DSL price plans include line rental, Internet and CPE
  • All pricing Includes VAT and excludes telephone line rental
  • For capped options, you can also choose any desired line speed

Business Internet DSL Top Up bundles

Once you've used your monthly data allocation, you can buy any of these once-off bundles. Out-of-bundle rates are not applied to Business Internet DSL.

Price PlanPrice (Incl. VAT)
Business Internet DSL 1GB Top upR 20.18
Business Internet DSL 3GB Top upR 55.48
Business Internet DSL 5GB Top upR 90.79
Business Internet DSL 10GB Top upR 176.54
Business Internet DSL 20GB Top upR 337.94
Business Internet DSL 50GB Top upR 776.75
Business Internet DSL 100GB Top upR 1 351.75

Please note:

  • These Top Up bundles will be forfeited at the end of a 30-day period, from date of top up activation
  • The bundle that's due to expire first will always be the one that is used first
  • If an additional Top Up bundle is purchased prior to the first one being depleted, the expiry date will be extended for another 30 days from date of the first Top Up expiry date
  • There's no limit to the amount of bundles that can purchased

Business Internet DSL voice

Business Internet DSL  voice is available over the same broadband connection and Huawei HG 659 router. 

IP Talk, our Voice over IP (VoIP) service, gives you the ability to make phone calls over the Business Internet 

DSL connection without interfering with your Internet usage. 

A once-off IP Talk connection fee of R8.20 (Excl VAT) gets you:

•  1 x 087 number

•  A maximum of two voice connections supported 

•  A normal analogue handset to access the IP Talk accounts

Save up to 20% on your voice bill and pay only the prevailing Vodacom Simplitalk VoIP rates. Optional analogue handsets are available at only R49.99 (Incl. VAT).  The service can accommodate your self-provided IP PBX (switchboard), but you'll be responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the self-provided PBX.