IP Connect Fibre Express

A hybrid access medium of dedicated & broadband connectivity. 

  • Offers connectivity to a customers Dedicated Internet Service (DIA)  and VPN over broadband fibre infrastructure
  • Available in Business Parks where Vodacom Broadband Connect Fibre is installed

To get Fibre

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What is IP Connect Fibre Express?           

  • IP Connect Fibre Express provides customers that are serviced by Vodacom’s world class broadband fibre infrastructure the ability to get confidently connected to Vodacom’s Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and Virtual Private Network (VPN).   
  • IP Connect Fibre Express combines the versatility and lower cost of the broadband access with our business class managed services. 

What is IP Connect Fibre used  for?

  • Connect customers in Broadband Fibre provisioned business parks to a Dedicated Internet Service (DIA).
  • Connect customers in Broadband Fibre provisioned business parks to a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  • Perfect for corporate/large customers .

IP Connect Fibre Express with DIA                                               IP Connect Fibre Express with VPN*

 3Mpbs to 100 Mbps                                                                                                                       304Kpbs  to 10 Mpbs (CIR for VPN

*Due to the contended nature of the broadband access infrastructure the committed information rate (CiR) is set at a 10th of the broadband circuits capabilities for the VPN service . Customers can burst over the CiR to the maximum of the circuit capacity when the bandwidth is available.  Example: A customer subscribed to a 10Mbps IP connect Fibre Express service with VPN will  have committed information rate (CiR)  of 10 Mbps and can burst to a maximum capacity of 100Mbps when capacity is available on the network.

    Why should I get IP Connect?

    No extra infrastructure cost

    We have our own fibre infrastructure so you don’t incur third-party costs, except in areas where we don’t have presence.

    High-speed connectivity  and reliability

    You get the highest possible speeds and uninterrupted access for bandwidth-intensive applications such as video-conferencing.

    Hassle-free additional services

    Get seamless and cost-effective access to other business services such as VPN, Managed Storage, Tape Back-up and Web Hosting, etc.

    24/7 surveillance and support

    SLAs (Service Level Agreements) guarantee service quality including 24/7 surveillance and help desk, on-site installation, support, performance management and reporting.


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