Managed LAN Services

Worry-free management of your LAN Services.

  • Get your Local Area Network installed and upgraded 
  • Full management of your network
  • Proactive prevention of outages
  • Includes assessment of the LAN environment

Get Managed LAN


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What is Vodacom Managed LAN?

Vodacom Managed LAN Services is a fully managed end-to-end solution which provides management oversight and support of the LAN (Local Area Network) environment. 

Managed LAN Services is a value-added service offered as a supporting product to some of our managed services such as Managed VoIP / Telephony / Video, and Managed VPN solutions. 

Why should I get Vodacom Managed LAN Services?

Seamless view and single global relationship

Know your WAN/LAN to reduce the cost of ownership and get end-to-end communication

Single service aggregator ISP

Tailored and based on your WAN and LAN service requirements.

Coordinated WAN/LAN Management

Reduce the risk of deploying converged networks and emerging technologies.

Transparent costs and Compliance

Get predictable costs and improved audit and regulatory compliance.

Deployment options

Deployed as a parallel, supplemental or a complete replacement of in-house IT services

Improved LAN performance

Take advantage of efficient processes and standards in LAN ops.


How do I get Managed LAN Services?

For assistance, please consult your Vodacom account manager


Call our Service Desk on 082 1930


Email your query to [email protected] 

Please note:

This service is available to MPLS VPN customers who need an ISP to provide a single service aggregator model for their WAN and LAN based service requirements.Managed LAN Services will only be sold as part of a VPN or Internet service.

Other products and services that will be supported by the service would also include VoIP/IP Telephony and Video Collaboration.

This service is a supporting product to some of our managed services such as Managed VoIP / Telephony / Video, and Managed VPN solutions