VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Keep parts of your business connected via a private managed network.

  • One secure, private network
  • Connects employees across branches of your business
  • Connects your business with suppliers and customers
  • Allows selected stakeholders to securely access your network applications

To get VPN

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What is VPN?

Our Managed VPN solutions enable the sending and receiving of data and voice securely between branches of your business, both nationally and internationally, as if the branches are connected to one big private network.

Why should I get VPN?

One secure network across your organisation

Seamlessly integrate all the networking solutions of your business including inter-branch connectivity, voice services, etc.

Empower your business via controlled access
  • Interact privately with suppliers, customers and peers
  • Allow selected stakeholders to securely access network applications
Prioritise your traffic

You can prioritise applications including voice, video and data based on your business requirements.

Fast deployment

VPN is provisioned and deployed very quickly, saving time for your business.

Data is always secure

Full proactive monitoring and network surveillance with powerful security features ensures complete protection of your data.

Guaranteed and reliable service

Comprehensive SLAs (Service Level Agreements) provide the reliability and assurance that your business needs.


VPN service types and costs

We offer VPN services on multiple Internet access mediums including Leased Line, Fibre, Microwave, Satellite, ADSL and mobile.

National VPN

International VPN

VPN iXchange

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One seamless, secure network across your organisation 

Empower your business via controlle access

Prioritise your traffic

Fast deployment

Data security

Guaranteed and reliable service

Choice of speeds based on your business needs

Global reach

Reduced costs

Enhanced network control