VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Keep parts of your business connected via a private managed network. 

  • One secure, private network
  • Connects employees across branches of your business
  • Connects your business with suppliers and customers
  • Allows selected stakeholders to securely access your network applications

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What is VPN?

Our Managed VPN solutions enable the sending and receiving of data and voice securely between branches of your business, both nationally and internationally, as if the branches are connected to one big private network.

Why should I get VPN?

One secure network across your organisation

Seamlessly integrate all the networking solutions of your business including inter-branch connectivity, voice services, etc.

Empower your business via controlled access

  • Interact privately with suppliers, customers and peers
  • Allow selected stakeholders to securely access network applications

Prioritise your traffic

You can prioritise applications including voice, video and data based on your business requirements.

Fast deployment

VPN is provisioned and deployed very quickly, saving time for your business.

Data is always secure 

Full proactive monitoring and network surveillance with powerful security features ensures complete protection of your data.

Guaranteed and reliable service 

Comprehensive SLAs (Service Level Agreements) provide the reliability and assurance that your business needs.

We offer VPN services on multiple Internet access mediums including Leased Line, Fibre, Microwave, Satellite, ADSL and mobile.

National VPN

  • Provides seamless network connections between customer sites.
  • Enables applications to be differentiated so that they don’t impact each other negatively, maintaining service quality from start to finish.

International VPN

  • Extends our VPN solutions beyond the South African border.
  • Leverages agreements with primary international carriers in locations where we don’t have our own points of presence.

VPN iXchange

  • Uses the Vodacom MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) IP network to provide secure access to third-party services and applications.
  • Offers secure access to services and applications including corporate banking services, trading feeds, credit bureau service and application support services.

Please note:

  • The cost of the service depends on your business requirements.
  • To find out how much this service will cost, request a call back

One seamless, secure network across your organisation 

  • Seamlessly integrate all your networking solutions, including inter-branch connectivity and voice services as well as access to hosted services and applications in the Vodacom Data Centre
  • Get total network connectivity on one integrated platform

Empower your business via controlle access

  • Interact with suppliers, customers and peers in a private environment
  • Provide selected stakeholders with secure access to your network applications
  • Improve your business operations to offer better service and satisfaction to your customers

Prioritise your traffic

  • Use the VPN network to handle and distinguish between high-priority traffic and less time-sensitive traffic
  • Prioritise applications such as voice and multimedia, stock data updates and regular bulk data backup based on the importance

Fast deployment

  • Save time for your business with rapid provisioning and deployment of VPN

Data security

  • Get the best protection for your data through
  • Full proactive monitoring and surveillance of your network
  • Powerful security features

Guaranteed and reliable service

  • Get reliable and assured service backed by comprehensive SLAs (Service Level Agreements)

Choice of speeds based on your business needs

  • Choose bandwidth speeds that match your business requirement
  • Select the most suitable service class and performance level for data, voice and video applications

Global reach

  • Get worldwide coverage and global networking power with our robust infrastructure
  • Collaborate remotely all over the world without having to worry about security

Reduced costs

  • Save on infrastructure expenses
  • Collaborate cost-effectively between remote sites through seamless business continuity
  • Free up human resources

Enhanced network control

  • Experience proactive reporting and management to enhances your networking control
  • Get fully manageable connectivity between your business branches and sites


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