Assist suites Benefits

The key benefits of Assist Suites

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    Automatically contact your customers

    Automatically contact your customers to confirm their appointments

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    Get feedback

    Get feedback from customers to improve your service

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    Automate your cash collection cycle

Assist Suites overview

Make sure your customers show up on time - every time - with Assist Suites, a web application that lets you plan SMS communications with your customers. This simple system is suitable for small businesses plus it’s easy to understand and anyone can learn to operate it, so if you’re looking for an efficient way to communicate with your customers, rely on Assist Suites to send them scheduled text notifications via SMS.

What are the benefits of using Assist Suites?

• Automatically contact your customers to confirm their appointments

•     The colour-coded calendar/appointment management dashboard provides an overall view of your schedule, confirmations and appointment statuses.

•     Build Customer Satisfaction Surveys - insights learned will help you improve service and build loyalty.

•     Automate your cash collection cycle

•     Full reporting is available online

How do I get Assist Suites?


Once you’ve registered, you will pay a once-off setup fee and monthly subscription. The costs will be added to your Vodacom bill.  

Got queries? Send an email to [email protected] or call 08217866

How much does it cost?

Line items Incl. VAT
Set-up Fee (Once Off) R46.00
Monthly Subscription Fee R148.35
SMS Rate Bulk SMS Rates Apply


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