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Data Refill

Ensure that you never have to pay out-of-bundle data and voice rates

Data Refill

Ensure that you never have to pay out-of-bundle data and voice rates

Data Refill overview

Data refill ensures worry free business continuity. When you opt into Data refill, when data runs out, it automatically assigns a data bundle, with the lowest out of bundle rate available to you, to your account, as many times as needed.

This allows your employees to remain connected at low rates in order to continue servicing your customer’s needs without any interruption. In this way, you’re able to maintain the continuity of your business without compromising on spend.

Here’s how Data Refill can add value to your business:

Because data is auto-allocated when your bundle runs out, your business operations are never interrupted.
You never have to deal with the admin of having to buy data because we automatically do it for you.
Reduce your connectivity-related costs by ensuring that you pay the lowest out-of-bundle rates available to you.
You get the convenience of activating and deactivating the service anytime using *135# and 082 1960.

Simple and flexible pricing

Data for your laptop/tablet
Bundle size Bundle price Bundle validity
500MBR5030 days
1GBR8030 days
2GBR14130 days


Data for your smartphone


Bundle sizeBundle priceBundle validity
30MBR1230 days
100MB R2930 days
500MBR8030 days
1GBR11530 days



To opt in to Data Refill

Easily and quickly opt in to getting data automatically allocated to your line(s) through USSD.

Data Refill FAQs

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