Why Vodacom Business?

At Vodacom, we understand the challenges businesses face in equipping their workforce with reliable, affordable mobile technology.  That's why we've partnered with NuMobile to offer a comprehensive business mobile phone solution that addresses these needs and empowers your employees, all while simplifying your administrative burden.

Key Benefits

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Streamlined Onboarding & Management

We handle the administrative process of getting your employees connected to smartphone devices by conducting the necessary checks before employees get a smartphone.

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Enhanced Employee Connectivity & Productivity

Employees obtain reliable and affordable smartphones to enable them to communicate with employers, colleagues, and clients.

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No Financial Risk

Employers have no financial commitment on behalf of their employees.

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Key Features



Easy-to-pay Agreements

Employees can easily pay for their chosen smartphone with data, airtime, and SMS plans over 6-24 months, ensuring employer-employee communication without financial burden on the employer.



Affordable & Reliable Smartphone Technology

The smartphones we provide are ICASA approved. These employee phones support the use of communication and workflow applications which equips the employer with cost-effective methods to share important information.



On-site Services

Streamlining phone setup! We visit workplaces to connect employees to company phones, at pre-approved times and in their preferred language. We even provide user training for smooth communication.


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