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Voicemail 2 SMS Benefits

The key benefits of Voicemail 2 SMS

  • 01

    Conveniently read your English voicemails as text messages

  • 02

    Easily browse your inbox to find SMSs containing phone numbers, directions or instructions

  • 03

    Store voicemails from customers/colleagues for retrieval at a later date

What is Voicemail 2 SMS?

• Observe boardroom etiquette with Voicemail 2 SMS. This service converts English voicemail messages on your mobile phone into text and delivers them to you as easy-to-read SMSs to your mobile device
• You can get unlimited Voicemail 2 SMS messages each month
• Driving between appointments? The 132 voicemail service will still be available so listen to messages when your hands are busy.

How will Voicemail 2 SMS benefit your business communication?

Read voicemails anywhere, anytime

Quickly go through Voicemail 2 SMSs discreetly - even during meetings – and never miss a single important message. You can reply directly to the sender via SMS whenever it is convenient to do so.

No need to make notes

Can’t find a pen? Save time and effort without writing down instructions or scribbling phone numbers - these are already converted into text for you.

Save on retrieval costs while roaming

Listening to your voicemail while travelling abroad can become expensive; simply read your voicemails as SMSs.

How much does Voicemail 2 SMS cost?

A monthly subscription cost of R20 (inclusive of VAT) will be added to your Vodacom bill every month.

How do I get Business Voicemail 2 SMS?

To activate Voicemail 2 SMS:

All business customers:
Call 082 1960 to speak to a sales consultant, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone.

Once this service is activated, you will receive a confirmation SMS.