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Vodacom People and
Spaces Monitoring

This solution monitors the number of people within an area - counts the total number of people waiting in a queue.

Vodacom People and Spaces Monitoring

This solution monitors the number of people within an area - counts the total number of people waiting in a queue.

01 Single Dashboard View

This offers insights into the amount of people in a building or space, individuals queuing or waiting to be served as well as vehicle turnover on roads at intersections or within parking lots.


02 Real-Time Data

Manage occupancy through the collection of real-time information, assisting with social distancing by ensuring buildings or spaces are not overcrowded.


03 Visibility and Efficiency

This can be bundled with time and attendance systems to efficiently measure the number of staff that needs to be deployed ensuring customer conversion, while adhering to social distancing.



Product overview

Why People and Spaces Monitoring?

This solution in partnership with IoT.nxt provides a platform and hardware solution to use existing IP based cameras or alternatively implement new cameras, above or next to an entrance to monitoring high-traffic areas. The solution will provide core insights on how to run your operation, and allow you to make informed decisions, based on real time data.



People Counting


Automatically counts people going in both directions (in and out) providing a real-time people count and assisting with the management of occupancy. The collection of this data over time can provide valuable insights into how to manage their business to ensure client satisfaction, promote products and services or even benchmark speci¿c stores to replicate their success.  The information can also be used to assess the effectiveness of advertising campaigns or even allow quieter times during the day to be advertised as "safe shopping periods", helping to improve customer interaction during slower periods.


PPE Monitorng


Mask detection can be implemented to ensure that employees, visitors or customers are wearing protective equipment. Giving you the ability to ensure safety standards are adhered to and minimize the risk to employees while improving customer confidence through adherence to regulations.


Queue Managament


By monitoring people entering or exiting a queue. Business owners can improve the management of queuing, to enhance visitor experience. Reduce wait times by increasing staff members to ensure social distancing by not overcrowding queues.


Vehicle Counting


Our system automatically analyses video streams, detecting vehicles and visualising this information to users who can make informed decisions about thier movement.
This information will provide insight into vehicle turnover or the availability of parking bays within a specific area.



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