Amazon is a Ready Business

Amazon and Vodafone partner to deliver great customer experience

  • The consumer electronics market has evolved to such an extent that consumers are now less concerned with features but more with the user experience.
  •  How soon can I get started? And how quickly can I access my online content? For Amazon this means developing devices that are simple and ready to use, straight out of the box.

To Become a Ready Business 

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Amazon revolutionised the book world forever changing the way we can buy books. For many consumers it is now the place to purchase whether it’s the latest hardback, paperback, digital or Audio book release. And as we know it has since turned its attention to music, film, clothing and much more. 

But this isn’t the height of Amazon’s ambitions. Its goal is to be ‘the Earth’s most customer-centric company for four primary customer sets: consumers, sellers, enterprises, and content creators’. To that end it needs to deliver what consumers expect today, and also anticipate what they may need tomorrow. It is arguably the epitome of a Ready Business. 

Operating 24/7 in five continents, to customers who expect an always-on experience, there is no downtime. The business has a relentless focus on the customer experience, on streamlining process and costs, on reimagining the possibilities.

Amazon wanted to revolutionise the eReader market, tapping into the potential for book lovers to buy, download and read digitised content from a device even when they were on the go.  Amazon wanted to drive innovation in this segment. In doing so the plan would be to allow users ease of access to their content, anytime, anywhere. It would also simplify the experience in the extreme. For this to work, the device would need connectivity. Book lovers should be able to buy and download books on the go, in a smooth and elegant manner - with no contracts and no extra payments. 

The Vodafone solution is based on its Simple Out-of-Box Experience SIM. A 4G-enabled SIM is installed in all Kindle Fire HDX tablets in the UK and Germany. Once activated, the Vodafone SIM becomes ‘local’. Picking up the local network means users can quickly sign up to local data packages with access to top up services and support. 

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How did Amazon benefit?

    A Ready Business is prepared to deal with the unforeseen changes all businesses face, it has the power to succeed today while always prepared for tomorrow. 

    We can help you become a Ready Business, find out how.

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