What is Vodacom Professional Services?

Planning, building and managing your infrastructure is crucial to optimising your network security. Vodacom Professional Services, together with our trusted and respectable security consulting partner, have both the experience and knowledge to make sure that your network is secure by offering a wide variety of consulting and compliance services to meet your requirements.

Our Professional Services

Compliance Audits Image
Compliance Audits

This offering is designed to assist companies with identifying and prioritising their requirements to obtain PCI, PoPI, ISO 27001 and other industry-related certification.

Vulnerability Assessment Image
Vulnerability Assessment

CIC members work with system owners and system admins to holistically examine the security architecture and vulnerabilities of their systems through scans, examining system configuration, reviewing system design documentation and interviews.

Security Awareness Image
Security Awareness

Let our experts guide and advise on your security strategy with our security awareness training of your employees.

Penetration Testing Image
Penetration Testing

Let our experts conduct a simulated attack against a segment of the customers' network to assess the target's resiliency to an actual attack.

Plan, build and run Image
Plan, build and run

Let Vodacom Business and our partners plan, install, configure and mature your onsite security services.

Advice Image

Let our experts guide and advise on your security strategy with our consulting services.

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