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One net connect  Benefits

The key benefits of One Net Connect

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    Dedicated, secure, low-cost

    A dedicated, secure, low-cost, always available voice IP connection

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    Supplement or replace

    Can be used to supplement or replace your traditional telephone service


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    Receive many VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

    Make and receive Voice over IP calls across your dedicated IP voice connection


What is One Net Connect?

• One Net Connect, also referred to as SIP trunking, is defined as a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service based on SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).
• Integrates into most PBXs which allows for the origination and termination of Voice over IP calls

Why should I get One Net Connect?

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High quality service for businesses

Get a managed standards-based service backed by Service Level Agreements for greater efficiencies and service excellence.

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Reduce your business’ call costs

Save up to 20% on call costs when you use our VoIP telephone and trunking service

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High quality voice calls

Provides high quality voice calls over our SIP trunk

How much does One Net Connect cost?

• The cost of this service depends on your business requirements
• To find out how much this service will cost,request a call back

Features and benefits

High quality service for all business types including:

• Call centres with high outbound call volumes or large cellular requirements.
• Businesses that experience network congestion and poor-quality voice communications.
• Any large business seeking a cost-effective alternative to traditional fixed-line telephony suppliers.
• Large corporates and businesses with multiple sites connecting to the Vodacom Business MPLS IP Network via a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

As a certified Microsoft SIP Trunk provider, our One Net Connect Microsoft Lync SIP trunking solution gives your business a low-cost, high-quality VoIP capability via your Microsoft PABX.

This allows you to save on all local, national, international and cellphone calls.

Microsoft SIP Trunking

• Microsoft Teams uses Internet Protocol technology to make and receive calls over a Vodacom-managed fibre or microwave access medium.
 It offers lower rates than traditional telephone services and can save your business up to 20% on phone call costs


SIP trunking capabilities is available for Microsoft Teams

• Microsoft Teams SIP trunking offers you a managed, high-quality, business-grade VoIP and VPN service
Voice and data transmission are merged over your managed IP connection and voice will be given priority when necessary.
You get cost-effective, converged communications capability.