What is One Net Connect?

One Net Connect, also referred to as SIP trunking, is defined as a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

It integrates into most PBXs which allows for the origination and termination of VoIP calls.

One net connect  Benefits

The Key Benefits of One Net Connect

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    Cost-effective and private

    A dedicated, secure and low-cost voice IP connection that's always available. 

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    Supplement or replace

    VoIP can supplement or replace your traditional telephone service. 


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    Connect with Voice over Internet Protocol

    Make and receive calls over your dedicated IP voice connection.


Why Get One Net Connect?

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High-quality service for businesses

Get a managed standards-based service backed by Service Level Agreements for greater efficiencies and service excellence.

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Reduce your business’s call costs

SAVE up to 20% on call costs when you use our VoIP telephone and trunking service.

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High-quality voice calls

Provides exceptional voice call connectivity over our SIP trunk.

How Much Does One Net Connect Cost?

The cost of this service depends on your business requirements.
To find out how much this service will cost, request a call back

Features and Benefits

High-quality service for all business types, including:

 - Call centres with high outbound call volumes or large cellular requirements.
- Businesses that experience network congestion and poor-quality voice communications.
 - Any large business seeking a cost-effective alternative to traditional fixed-line telephony suppliers.
 - Large corporates and businesses with multiple sites connecting to the Vodacom Business MPLS IP network via a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

- As a certified Microsoft SIP Trunk provider, our One Net Connect Microsoft Lync SIP trunking solution gives your business a low-cost, high-quality VoIP capability via your Microsoft PABX.

- This allows you to save on all local, national, international and cellphone calls.

Microsoft SIP Trunking

- Microsoft Teams uses Internet Protocol technology to make and receive calls over a Vodacom-managed fibre or microwave access medium.
- It offers lower rates than traditional telephone services and can save your business up to 20% on phone call costs.


SIP trunking capabilities is available for Microsoft Teams

- Microsoft Teams SIP trunking offers you a managed, high-quality, business-grade VoIP and VPN service.
- Voice and data transmission are merged over your managed IP connection and voice will be given priority when necessary.
- You get cost-effective, converged communications capability. 

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