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VoIP Bundles

Terms and conditions

1.    Terms and conditions pertaining to Business Internet LTE, as detailed on

2.    Prices are exclusive of VAT and usage unless otherwise stated.

3.    Provision of services is subject to stock availability.

4.    Provision of services is subject to standard credit vetting processes and approval by Vodacom Commercial Finance.

5.    Pricing for certain services may be subject to change due to currency and exchange rate fluctuations.

6.    Moving from one connectivity type to another, as part of individual components of a SME LTE VoIP Bundle, or as a Smart Business Bundle as a whole, will not be allowed.

7.    Bundles include anytime minutes to any network.

8.    3 000 minute fair usage policy applies for the for Unlimited VoIP minute bundle

9.    International calls are not included in the bundled minutes and rated separately

10.    The bundle comes with 1 new non geographic VoIP number(s) and 1 Yealink WP52P Desk Phone

11.    The bundle does not apply to existing VoIP lines or numbers

12.    All calls are billed based on a Per Second Billing principle

13.    Out of bundle minute rates apply

14.    The bundles are billed monthly x 24 months

15.    VoIP Premium Rated services, will not make use of (consume) the VoIP Business Talk bundle minutes and the call charges will be charged in accordance with the Out of Bundle Tariff Schedule.

16.    Bundle minutes will be consumed in order of the expiry date of the minutes. Accordingly the minute bundle that expires earliest will be consumed first.

17.    Minutes carry over for 3 months