Business Internet Satellite Connectivity

Business Internet Satellite Benefits

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    Connectivity anywhere in South Africa

    Business Internet connectivity anywhere in South Africa - from R517.50 per month.

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    Another way to connect

    An alternative solution to ADSL and 3G in areas with limited coverage.

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    Optional VoIP

    Up to four optional Business Internet Satellite VoIP connections are offered at an additional monthly charge.

    What is Business Internet Satellite?

    Business Internet Satellite is an internet service completely independent from any landline solution and can be provisioned anywhere in South Africa. With Business Internet Satellite, you don’t have to worry about landline outages and copper theft, plus this service is installed and maintained by trained and accredited Vodacom Business Services installation teams, from Point of Presence, across the country.

    Business Internet Satellite includes:

     A capped Internet Access bundle

    An indoor unit (Hughes HN 9460 router)

    An outdoor unit (98 cm satellite dish or antenna)

    A 2-Watt Block Uplink converter

    A user-friendly customer online site that features:

     - Monthly bundle usage 

     - Top Up data bundle purchase

    Why should I get Business Internet Satellite?

    Get Internet in areas with no or limited coverage

    We use the latest technology to optimise the satellite link and to bring you cost efficiencies, especially in unserved and underserved areas.

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    Always-on Internet with constant speed

    Satellite access is not dependent on terrain, quality of copper landlines, or distance from the exchange or radio frequency equipment. It always provides the same speed and service quality.

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    Hassle-free and quick deployment

    You don't have to wait for line installation or for clearances and local infrastructure to become available. All you need is hardware and a clear view to the north/eastern sky.

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    Grow your entry-level package as needed

    If the entry-level service is bought with a 4GB internet bundle, you can easily add more data at an affordable price as your needs grow.

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    Monitor and manage usage on your own

    A self-service website is available so that you can go online to monitor usage and top up with more data.

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    Get optional VoIP services

    Up to four optional VoIP connections, which do not eat into the monthly allocated data cap, are available. You can make FREE on-net voice calls to others on the same network and can save up to 30% on your voice bill.

    How much does Business Internet Satellite cost?

    Installation price is based on standard installation.
    Extra charges are levied for cabling over 40 meters and non-standard mounts, amongst others.
    Data usage is subject to the monthly data bundle purchased (with optional top-ups) and our daily Fair Access Policy.

    How do I get Business Internet Satellite?

    To get optional Business Internet Satellite VoIP:

    1. Order the Satellite VoIP feature

    2. Order the IP Talk service to receive your VoIP phone number(s)

    3. Get these optional telephone devices with your voice service:

           - ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) device to connect one or more standard analogue telephones to a digital system

    - An IP Phone for a single connection.

        - If you need more extentions, an onsite IP PBX (providing up to four concurrent calls), especially designed to bring enterprise-grade features to small- and medium-sized businesses, is available. 

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    Business Internet Satellite service plans

    We've got four service plans available which give you flexibility and control over your changing business needs for both Internet and voice usage. Business Internet Satellite offers throughput ranging from 512kbps to 4Mbps on the downlink. The throughput is the maximum “burstable” throughput available per service plan.

    More Data Promotion! Get more data for the same price


    Business Internet Satellite price plans

    Plans Max download
    Max upload
    Data bundle Max concurrent
    VoIP channels
    24-Month contract
    (Incl. VAT)
    Satellite 53 512 128 4GB 1 R517.50
    Satellite 105 1024 256 8GB 2 R980.53
    Satellite 210 2048 384 15GB 3 R1 229.69
    Satellite 420 4096 512 30GB 4 R 1 897.50

    A once-off standard installation charge of R2016.54 (VAT Incl.) is applicable.Extra charges are levied for cabling over 40 meters and non-standard mounts, amongst others.


    Top Up plans (Incl.VAT)

    Business Internet Satellite Top Up bundles

    1GB 3GB 5GB 10GB 20GB 50GB 100GB 300GB 500GB 1000GB
    R19.00 R59.00 R89.00 R149.00 R249.00 R399.00 R549.00 R999.00 R899.00 R1399.00


    Business Internet Satellite Voice

    Optional Business Internet Satellite Voice is now also available over the same Business Internet connection. IP Talk, our Voice over IP (VoIP) service, lets you make phone calls over the Business Internet Satellite connection without interfering with the Internet connection and usage. Simply pay a monthly  IP Talk connection fee of R148.25 (per IP Talk Incl. VAT) to get your 087 number and the maximum of voice connections supported as per your selected service plan. Save up to 20% on your voice bill and pay the voice calls as per the prevailing Vodacom  VoIP rate card.

    Promotional Terms and Conditions:

    1.    Promotion valid for a limited time only

    2.    Applicable to new customers or existing customers who are out of contract i.e. on a month to month basis

    3.    Should a customer deplete their monthly allocated data bundle, they can purchase Top-ups at the normal rates

    4.    Top-ups are valid for 30 days from the date of purchase

    5.    IPTalk is available as an optional extra. Please note that voice calls are charged monthly in arrears as per the prevailing

           low Vodacom VoIP rate card and the VoIP connection is charged monthly at R148.25 (Incl. VAT) per IP Talk connection

    6.    The once-off installation fee is based on the normal wall mount installation type. Extra charges will be incurred for non-

           standard installation mounts

    Frequently asked questions

      Business Internet Satellite is only available to our Vodacom Business Contract customers.

      For more information, call 082 1960, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone.

      There are 3 ways to get this service:

      Visit your nearest Vodacom Shop
      Contact your account manager or sales consultant
      Call 082 1960, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone

      Business Internet Satellite offers robust business connectivity to the Internet anywhere in South Africa, as a possible alternative to ADSL and 3G, especially in areas with no or limited coverage. This high-speed Internet service is available everywhere and also supports optional VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

      This service doesn't rely on a terrestrial copper landline solution and can be provisioned anywhere in South Africa, provided there's a clear line of sight to the satellite located at 30°, in the North Easterly Sky. The service will be installed and maintained by trained and accredited Vodacom Business Services teams and there are no self-installation options available.

      Four service plans are available, which allow you flexibility in purchasing and control over your changing business needs for either Internet or voice usage. The service offers throughputs ranging from 512kbps to 4Mbps on the downlink. The throughputs are the maximum “burstable” throughputs available per service plan.The usage behaviour is continuously monitored and feedback is provided on migration options for those users who constantly fall outside the service plan parameters, thereby managing the network capacity effectively and allowing fair access to all.

      The entry-level VSC50 service is provided with a 1GB Internet bundle with a maximum download speed of 512kbps and an upload speed of 128kbps with the option of including a voice service

      You will be billed for:

      Set up
      Monthly recurring charge
      Ad hoc Top Up and FAP tokens (added to your monthly bill)
      Non-standard installation items, if applicable

      Business Internet Satellite delivers world-class, high-speed Internet connectivity wherever you’re located. It’s a particularly effective solution for farms and other remote locations, and has been endorsed by Agri SA since August 2012.

      When choosing your satellite connection, you must consider:

      All-over coverage - satellite technology delivers communications infrastructure to all areas even where terrestrial alternatives are unavailable, unreliable or simply too expensive to deploy

      Single vendor solution and supply chain – we have an enhanced sales channel across SA with quick deployment on your premises anywhere in the satellite coverage area. We don’t need any extra time to provision additional access or core network elements like in the case of ADSL

      A wide range of service plans - our product structure meets your needs and provides consistent high-speed Internet and/or managed private network services

      A clear migration path into the future – enhancing service offering onto new technology such as Ka-band and expanding existing services into new markets and applications

      Quick deployment and self-provisioned

      Availability where other service alternatives are not

      Most cost effective in un-served and underserved areas

      Competitive pricing

      Barrier to entry is low - we have various CPE pricing options

      Upfront purchase

      Operating lease

      Financial lease

      No limitation on Internet content as is the case with competitive VSAT services in the market

      Service management tools available on VSAT portal

      You can top up with additional data if your monthly allowance is used up, or use tokens if your daily usage limits have been exceeded
      To buy tokens, log in to the business self-service portal

      You will need:

      A laptop or desktop with Microsoft Windows software installed
      The other equipment which will be supplied as part of the installation. We'll install the HN9400 VSAT router indoors
      A 98cm or 1.2m satellite antenna which will be installed at your premises and will connect to the VSAT router. If you need VoIP, you'll have to buy an IP phone, IPPBX or a router

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