Spend Manager

Understand and control your mobile communication costs.

  • Get a single access point for all mobile voice lines and usage across your entire mobile fleet
  • Export data and reports to your own management information systems

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  • Spend Manager assists enterprises in understanding and managing their mobile spend – at a global and/or local level, and across voice devices, mobile APN and data devices
  • All consolidated data is available as reports and can be accessed via a standard web browser
  • It can generate alerts when business policies and protocols have been breached, and report calls made to restricted numbers 

Know your global mobile usage pattern 

A global view of your mobile spend per month or over a period of up to 13 months provides clear visibility of your entire mobile fleet. 

Get detailed reports of all traffic and users

All traffic - including voice, 3G, SMS, MMS and international calling - is monitored and reported. 

Gain control with administrative actions

You can customise administration by creating departments, assigning contacts to SIM cards and more.

  • The cost of this service depends on your business requirements  
  • To find out how much this service will cost,request a call back

Know the details of your mobile usage   

  • Get a global view of your mobile spend for one month or over a period of up to 13 months

  • Identify which countries are spending more, the highest users and which mobile connections are not being used

  • All traffic – including voice, 3G, SMS, MMS and international calling – is monitored and reported  

Get more value from advanced functionality, including:

  • Abuse monitoring and control

  • Proactive alerts on allowances

  • Automated reporting and resolution on queries

  • Cost recovery from users and departments

  • Business Intelligence and pushing data to the correct decision makers

  • Understand data utilization whether APN or non-APN

  • Continuous monitoring of staff price plans

  • Adjustment of cellphone policies

  • Audit reporting

  • Easy-to-use interface that enables 

  • Account Summary Enquiries

  • Available Minute Enquiries

  • Call Balance Enquiries

  • Call Data Enquiries

  • SIM Swaps

  • Soft-Line Locks

  • Soft-Line Unlock

Please note:

Any further 3rd party integration requirements can be discussed during the customer engagement phase.

Get data Usage reports as per your requirements, including: 

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