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Machine to machine benefits

Get real-time information from remote machines

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    Central interfeace

    A base platform for monitoring and controlling many devices from a central interface

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    Monitor remotely

    Monitor remote equipment such as vending machines or car-tracking devices

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    Useful in various industries

    Useful in various industries; automotive, fleet and asset management, consumer electronics, healthcare, smart metering and smart homes

What is Machine-to-Machine?

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) is an end-to-end global data services platform for managing multiple SIM cards from a single interface.

The SIM cards we provide have the same functionality as normal plastic SIM cards, and they come in a semi-conductor form factor that’s soldered onto a circuit board.

You can link almost any type of remote machine or device to critical information systems and gather real-time field intelligence. For example: LiveTrack is an end-to-end vehicle management solution that allows companies to monitor the movements of all their vehicles in real time using central management software dashboards.

Multiple devices can share information at specified times over our network without the need for human intervention.

Why should I get Machine-to-Machine?

Get superior service and support

Get world-class M2M services from our experienced global team. We provide end-to-end management, ease and speed of installation, deployment, and distribution with minimal business disruption.

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Know what's happening on the field
Easy to use with a single interface

You get powerful functionality for monitoring multiple devices through a single interface.

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