What is Conference Call Advanced?

Conference Call Advanced is a multi-party, audio-only conference call facility that simplifies how to make a conference call, allowing up to 25 participants to join an audio-only virtual meeting from any mobile or fixed line within South Africa. Whether you're coordinating a team call or setting up a multi-party discussion, our Conference Call Advanced platform stands out as one of the best virtual meeting platforms available. Discover the convenience of virtual meetings with Vodacom’s Conference Call Advanced – your go-to choice for efficient and accessible conference calls 

Conference Call Advanced Benefits

The Key Benefits of Conference Call Advanced

  • 01
    Virtual meetings

    Make a single phone call to set up an audio-only virtual conference meeting within South Africa.

  • 02
    Free setup

    Set up multi-party, dedicated conference calls for free and only pay for the calls you make. Terms and conditions apply. 

  • 03
    Mobile and fixed

    Available to participants on any South African network – mobile and fixed (price plan calling rates apply). 

Why Use Conference Call Advanced?

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Hassle-free setup

Call a single number (0862 800 800) to set up the audio conference call.

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No additional costs

You only pay for the calls you make based on your fixed or mobile price plan.

Open access to any SA network

Access is available to participants on our world-class network, as well as all other mobile and fixed-line networks in South Africa.

How Much Does Conference Call Advanced Cost?

Vodacom Conference Call Advanced is a FREE service.

You only pay for the call you make based on your Contract, Top Up or Prepaid price plan.

Each participant pays for the call separately according to their network’s call rate.

How Do I Set Up a Conference Call?

Organize your Virtual meetings effortlessly with Vodacom's Conference Call Advanced service, a seamless solution for setting up virtual meetings. This user-friendly system offers both reserved and unreserved conference call options to suit your specific needs. With its flexible setup, you can quickly coordinate multi-party calls, ensuring that every participant, whether on mobile or fixed lines, is just a call away.  

To Set Up a Reserved Conference: To Set Up an Unreserved Conference: To Join a Reserved Conference:

Via phone

1. Call 0862 800 800

2. Select option 2

3. Follow the prompts

4. Send your chosen conference ID and PIN to the participants



SMS the word ‘CONF’ to 0862 800 800 and follow the instructions

Via phone

1. Call 0862 800 800

2. Decide on a random 6-digit conference ID

3. Send your chosen ID to the participants

Via phone

1. Call 0862 800 800

2. Select option 1

3. Follow the prompts


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