Vodacom e-Learning

Maximise learning potential with One tablet per Child

  • Affordable, high speed and high quality
  • broadband connectivity
  • Brings lessons to life by putting interactive school curriculums on mobile devices 
  • Educational multimedia content including eBooks, content management system  and learner management system
  • Specialised training and customised  support

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What is  Vodacom e-Learning?

Vodacom  e-Learning makes learning interactive and simpler for learners and educators. It equips educators with mobile technology to help improve the classroom experience using rich digitized media content. Learners can access ccurriculum aligned multimedia content – videos, animations and picture slide shows. They can also access the same curriculum content and learning materials that the educator uses in the class, and this will be delivered via their smartphones, tablets, digital boards or PC browser. 

Internet connectivity is an added advantage which provides learners with the ability  to work from home. Educators will also be able to create lessons, schedule remote lessons and log, monitor and report on learner progress. Content and lesson plans are stored on a local server in the school and synchronized in the cloud, from where it’s accessible by educators, administrators and parents. The e-Learning solution also includes  net work specialised training and customised support . 

Why should we use Vodacom e-Learning?

Improve school results

Makes learning more effective through 
use of technology in  and out of  
classroom. Educators have access to 
over 35 000 e-curriculum-aligned 
content resources.

Access the material from anywhere

Educators and learners will be able 
to access learning material from 
home or anywhere else, and will be 
able to use other devices such as 
smartphones and PCs to access the 
school server.

Keep your information safe and secure

The school server will be synced to host 
a copy at the Vodacom Data Centre, 
keeping all information safe in case 
there’s a server downtime at the school.

CAPS aligned curriculum

Get predictable costs and improved 
audit and regulatory compliance. 

Report on learner performance

Deployed as a parallel , supplemental or 
a complete replacement of in-house IT 

Specialized Training and support

Take advantage of efficient 
processes and standards in LAN 


How does Vodacom e-Learning work?