What is Managed SAP?

Managed SAP is a complete, managed hosted SAP solution that you can tailor to suit your business needs. Get full benefits of Cloud computing with the highest levels of application service agreements and the lowest total cost per application. Run applications on a unified, reliable, efficient infrastructure made up of industry standard components that can be easily replaced.

Managed SAP Benefits

The Key Benefits of Managed SAP

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    Specialised services

    Includes specialised services for SAP Basis administration, database administration and infrastructure management.

  • 02
    Managed solution

    No need for an in-house SAP system.

  • 03
    Tailor-made management system

    A hosted, tailor-made and automated workforce management system.

Why Should I get Managed SAP?

Save costs on your SAP solution

Save on the high expenses required for setting up, managing, maintaining, upgrading and monitoring your in-house SAP system and infrastructure.

Store data efficiently & securely

We consolidate your data storage and provide advanced protection software to safeguard the integrity of your data.

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Grow the SAP solution as you need

The online, data-in-place expansion ability means that you can scale the system without disrupting ongoing business operations.

Accelerate your Cloud SAP Transformation

Transform your SAP workloads in the AWS Cloud and simplify every step of the migration process, from discovery to delivery.

Download our whitepaper to accelerate your SAP cloud transformation

How Much Does Managed SAP cost?

The cost of this service depends on your business requirements.
To find out how much this service will cost, request a call back

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