Record, manage and report all healthcare service information

AitaHealth overview

This intelligent smartphone-based application empowers Community Health Workers (CHW’s) to deliver preventative care services to communities on a home-base level. AitaHealth supports both administrative and clinical decision-making on a real-time basis, and enables the capturing of registration and health assessment details of the households they visit directly onto their smartphones.
Here’s how AitaHealth can add value to your business:

  • Easily, quickly and accurately record, manage and report all healthcare service information.

  • Provides health workers with more administrative and clinical decision support when they need it.

  • Eliminate mistakes and ensure data quality with built-in data validation checks when entering data.

  • Ensures that CHWs only capture demographic information based on the family’s health need.

Mobile technology brings healthcare into people's homes

1,250 Community Health Workers in Tshwane, South Africa, have already registered close to 40,000 households between September 2014 and June 2015, using AitaHealth.

To get AitaHealth

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How AitaHealth works

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