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What is Dedicated Internet Access?

When your business needs fast reliable Internet connectivity with built-in failover and redundancy, backed by service level agreements, Dedicated Internet Access from Vodacom Business is the optimal solution.

No matter where your business is located and what type of infrastructure is available, you’ll be able to enjoy fast, reliable and cost-effective business Internet access. Our robust, state-of-the-art infrastructure can give you the connection speed and data transfer capability that your business needs.

Dedicated Internet Access Benefits

The key benefits of Dedicated Internet Access

  • 01
    High-speed Internet

    Guaranteed high-speed Internet connectivity for business 

  • 02
    Fixed and wireless

    Uses both fixed and wireless access technologies

  • 03

    Choose your access medium

Get Dedicated Internet Access over any of these access mediums:

Business Internet Fibre Image

For businesses that require reliable, high-speed or data-intensive connectivity

Microwave Image

For businesses with a large number of employees, all needing simultaneous connectivity to email, messaging and data transfers

Satelite Image

Business-class satellite connectivity for a single site or multiple locations, private and public networks.