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What is IP Connect?

• Vodacom IP Connect offers dedicated connectivity to our IP infrastructure making use of our hosted and managed services such as voice, dedicated Internet and hosted mail & security applications.

• It allows you to connect your office to Vodacom's IP network via Metro E Fibre, Microwave or Satellite Access Medium

• Our IP Connect allows you access to the following IP services;

• Unified communications, Lync, Voice-over IP (IP Talk), hosted call centres

• Dedicated managed Internet connectivity

• Access to our hosted infrastructure for dedicated hosting & Cloud-based services

• Video conferencing to connect employees in dispersed locations

• Web hosting for large website properties and Internet-based application services

• Secure and reliable VPNs

IP Connect Benefits

The key benefits of IP Connect

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    An ultra-high-speed, high-capacity fixed line connectivity solution

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    Uncapped service offerings

    Layer 3 carrier Ethernet connectivity to your hosted Internet & voice applications


  • 03
    Includes router

    Delivered over Telco-grade (ISO compliant) Fibre, Microwave and Satellite access

Why should I get IP Connect?

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No extra infrastructure cost

We have our own fibre infrastructure so you don't incur third-party costs, except in areas where we don't have presence.

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Redundancy and failover for high availability

State-of-the-art redundancy and failover technologies guarantee uninterrupted connectivity.

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High-speed connectivity and reliability

You get the highest possible speeds and uninterrupted access for bandwidth-intensive applications such as video-conferencing.

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Hassle-free additional services

Get seamless and cost-effective access to other business services such as VPN, Managed Storage, Tape Back-up and Web Hosting, etc.

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24/7 surveillance and support

SLAs (Service Level Agreements) guarantee service quality including 24/7 surveillance and help desk, on-site installation, support, performance management and reporting.

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Flexibility to choose bandwidth

We offer bandwidths ranging from 1Mbps to 1Gbps and beyond. We can virtually split your traffic on a single link to fit your business needs into VLAN per service, VLAN per port or VLAN trunk.

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