Hosted Call Centre and Contact Centre

Let us help you create powerful connections with your customers.

  • A full Omni-Channel Hosted Contact Centre solution
  • Choose one or more of the contact centre modules that caters for your business requirements
  • Offers software, hardware and licenses To help manage your physical call centre from the cloud

To get Hosted Call Centre

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What is Hosted Call Centre and Contact Centre?

  • Our Hosted Call Centre and Contact Centre is hosed in Vodacom secure and world class data centres
  • Our Hosted Contact Centre solution is a fully modular contact centre service
  • Both offerings are offered on an OPEX costing model, which means limited CAPEX investment
  • Our Hosted Call Centre and Contact Centre offering is aim all size businesses
  •  Advanced Desktop applications that enables remote working for all agent types

Why should I get Hosted Call Centre?

Hassle-free set-up

Just choose the modules that you need and we’ll have your call centre service up and running quickly. 

Reduced overhead costs

Save money on set-up, maintenance, technical expenses as well as hardware and software costs. 

High reliability

Built on our next-generation access fibre network, the solution guarantees high reliability and availability levels.   

Exceptionally easy to manage

A user-friendly interface allows you to configure your call centre processes without the need to employ expensive technical resources.   

How much does Hosted Call Centre cost?

  • The cost of this service depends on your business requirements 
  • To find out how much this service will cost,request a call back 


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