WASP Benefits

The key benefits of WASP

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    Generate revenue

    Wireless Application Service Providers can generate revenue by providing premium content.

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    Premium mobile content

    Use the Vodacom cellular network to distribute premium mobile content such as ringtones and wallpapers.

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    Distribute your own content

    Distribute your own content or use content from third-party service providers.


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    What is WASP?

    A Vodacom WASP creates and distributes mobile content to subscribers via our network and infrastructure.

    WASPs can generate revenue by providing premium content that subscribers are willing to pay for, such as:

    • Ringtones
    • Mobile wallpapers
    • Horoscopes
    • Jokes
    • Mobile downloads
    • Interactive voice prompts
    • News and traffic updates
    • Location information, such as the address of the nearest restaurant, police station, etc.

    Why should I become a WASP?

    Give your customers more value

    Send promotional and informational content to your subscribers which enables them to make better decisions.

    Respect your customers’ privacy and time

    Choose from a variety of non-intrusive mediums - like SMS - to promote your business.

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    Generate revenue & entertain subscribers

    Sell rich-media content; news and traffic updates, ringtones, wallpapers and other mobile downloads.



    How much does it cost to become a WASP?

    We have various billing models ranging from per-event (eg: per SMS) and per-second (eg: based on call duration) billing to ongoing subscription services.

    You will be charged a connection fee and a monthly access fee as soon as you’re connected to our network.

    WASP service Cost
    Connection fee R8 334.00 (excl. VAT)
    Monthly access R1 320.00 (excl. VAT)

    Please note:

    Your subscribers must be connected to our cellular network to access any of the mobile service offerings such as SMS, MMS, etc.
    We will bill your subscribers for the mobile service and pay out a portion of the revenue to you.


    Type What you can do with it
    Bulk SMS

    Deliver highly targeted mobile content including promotional material or advertising messages such as ones informing store customers of an upcoming sale.

    Please note:

    It’s illegal to send bulk SMSs to customers unless they have opted in to the service.

    Premium-rated SMS shortcodes

    Enable subscribers to enter competitions or receive premium content by getting them to share their personal information such as name, contact details, preferences, etc.

    Access subscriber information useful for marketing purposes and generate revenue through the delivery of premium mobile content.

    SMS reverse billing Extend the use of SMS services to your subscribers without them incurring a cos. eg: enabling customers to unsubscribe from a service for FREE.



    Type What you can do with it
    Bulk MMS

    Send multimedia and rich media content including video, sound and images to your customers

    Target a predominantly young and connected audience that has a demand for mobile entertainment and information services on their cellphones

    Premium MMS

    Charge premium rates when offering MMS services


    IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

    Type What you can do with it
    Premium rated IVR

    Provide IVR content at premium rates.

    Please note:

    Only Vodacom subscribers can access premium IVR content.

    Premium rated IVR Dicon

    Enable your subscribers to access premium IVR content by calling a Telkom, Neotel or VANs operator number.

    Please note:

    Only Vodacom subscribers can access premium IVR content.


    USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data)

    Type What you can do with it
    USSD Reverse Billing

    Enable your subscribers to interact with a menu using '*' or '#' keys which are available even on low end phones.

    Extend the use of USSD services to your customers without them having to incur cost.

    • Trigger a USSD session for your Vodacom subscribers on their cellphones even while they’re connected on a voice call or Internet browsing session

    • Incorporate the service into your existing transactional products and services to augment the security, fraud and risk measures

    USSD Network Initiated

    Please note:

    It’s assumed that your subscribers will expect and follow USSD prompts and subsequently follow the menu prompts.


    LBS (Location Based Services)

    Type What you can do with it
    Active LBS

    Enable your subscribers to locate services on demand, by sending them location information on their cellphones.

    Passive LBS

    Enable your subscribers to sign up for regular automatic updates of information that they’re interested in, such as local weather and traffic conditions, etc.

    Tracking LBS

    Locate a subscriber by tracking the location of their SIM card.

    Please note:

    You can track the location of Vodacom subscribers only

    The subscriber must provide consent to be tracked

    The accuracy of results may vary because it depends on various factors, and location cannot always be pinpointed to within a few metres

    You will need to pay for an audit of your systems by a recognised auditor (member of PAAB – Public Auditors and Accountants Board) to ensure that they conform to our criteria

    After your application is approved, all the requirements have been met and the interface development completed, your system implementation will undergo the standard testing process prior to full commercial deployment


    OBS (Online Billing Services)

    Type What you can do with it

    We can bill and collect payment from subscribers for content services that you provide

    Change the price of your content as your costs or value of the content increases

    Charge flexible rates for the content provided

    Bill for subscription and adhoc services


    WIG (Wireless Internet Gateway)

    Type What you can do with it

    Enable your subscribers to access the Internet through a secure wireless connection without having to remember keywords

    Deliver menu-based apps, such as mobile banking apps, which your subscribers can download from the WIG gateway using a unique OTA (Over The Air) USSD shortcode


    How do I become a WASP?

    You can complete a WASP application form and follow the process.

    OR Contact WASP Customer Care

    View things I need to become a WASP

    WASP application criteria

    To become a WASP, your company must:

    •  Be registered in the Republic of South Africa

    •  Have a South African customer care number

    •  Have a South African bank account

    •  Have a clear credit record

    •  Meet the minimum revenue requirements

    •  Have the following financial documents:

           •   Confirmation of Supplier name and type of entity
                 o   Company / Close Corporation: Certificate of Incorporation
                 o   Sole Proprietor: Copy of Owner’s Identity Document
                 o   Partnership: Copy of Partnership Agreement and copy of Identity Documents
                 o   Trust: Trust registration document

           •   Unlimited Surety Document

           •  VAT Registration or Tax Clearance Certificate

           •  BEE Certificate or Letter of Exemption with current financial year end turnover and Black shareholding

           •   Memo Deemed Employees Annexure

           •   Original Bank Indemnity Form

           •   New Supplier Creation Form

           •   Corporate Governance Questionnaire

           •    Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) Questionnaire by the Vodacom network.


    If you don’t meet the requirements to become a WASP

    Partner with an existing WASP to develop mobile offerings or contact our WASP Aggregators.

    How do I become a WASP?

    • You will need to complete a WASP application form and if approved, you will be need to conclude one or more standard contractual agreements with us.

    • Next, you can subscribe to any mobile offerings supported by our network.

    • We have a standard framework for working with WASPs.

    • The services you plan to offer as a WASP must comply with certain specifications and standards.

    • We could refer you to companies that can assist with developing your concept into a service.

    • We enable you to get your service operational as soon as possible using our set of standard specifications and processes.

    Please note:

    Vodacom is a mobile cellular operator and provides third parties with access to its mobile offering.

    Vodacom is responsible only for ensuring the availability of the mobile cellular bearer service.

    Vodacom does not take responsibility for the availability, uptime, redundancy, network and system security or set-up and configuration of your routers on your direct link or connectivity via the Internet or VAN.

    To be a WASP, you must adhere to the WASPA Code of Conduct which was formulated to prevent bad practices and fraudulent activity.

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