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What is Secure Remote Access?


Increased connectivity and worker mobility is leading to the breakdown of the traditional network perimeter, and both are contributing to sensitive data being shared with people and systems within and outside organisations. This trend requires different individuals and departments to have controlled access to data, while ensuring disclosure requirements comply and are managed in accordance with corporate governance controls.

 Authenticating users has become a security best practice, but once is not enough. Public-key infrastructure (PKI) authenticate the user at first logon but leave the session open to hacker attacks. With continuous mutual authentication and encryption during every transmission between client and server, 2-factor authentication reduces the potential for data theft and fraud, by closing the window of opportunity for hackers.

 Our 2-factor authentication SSL VPN utilises best-of-breed appliances to ensure end-to-end secure connectivity into your environment. Coupled with our mobile experience, it delivers a fully converged solution through any device with Internet capabilities. There’s no client software required thus making it a truly clientless SSL VPN.


Benefits for your business

Prevent unauthorized access to corporate information and IT resources
Corporate access control
2-factor authentication via SMS
End user confidentiality
Minimising total cost of ownership (TCO)
Access from anywhere
Maximising productivity
Clientless VPN
Ease of use

How much does Secure Remote Access cost?


The cost of these services depend on your business requirements.

Find out how much Secure Remote Access will cost for your business.


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