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Managed VoIP Overview

Managed VoIP gateways allow you to sweat your existing digital and analogue PBX and shift to the world of IP voice seamlessly as the gateway transcodes an analogue and digital voice packet into VoIP

The Managed VoIP gateways allows you to experience the benefit of VoIP phone call savings, intelligent routing, excellent call quality and automatic switching in case of failure


Why Managed VoIP is the solution for you

Dedicated onsite Customer Premise Equipment

Equipment is installed on your premises by a technician who will ensure it works for your personal needs, from where it seamlessly routes your VoIP calls to the Vodacom voice platform for call termination.


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Manage your communication costs

It’s the simplest, most convenient way to give your business the power to control your communications and control your costs.

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Make phone calls via the Internet

Savings of up to 20% con VoIP calls when using the Vodacom VoIP services.

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