What is Business Connect?

Business Connect is an uncapped, uncontended, unshaped, managed, and business-grade internet service (with router) over the most feasible of our multiple access mediums. The Business Connect is packaged with a LTE service capped at 100GB,  available where LTE signal is feasible. Customers are able to top-up on the capped 100GB, at standard retail rate, when there is data depletion.

Business Connect Benefits

Business Connect Benefits

  • 01
    Uncontended internet

    Uncapped, uncontended and unshaped.

  • 02
    Managed service

    Includes a standard SLA with guaranteed availability and uptime.

  • 03
    FREE backup

    The backup solution, capped at 100GB, can be upgraded or topped up.

Our Service Promise

Help desk support
wifi icon
Standard reporting
Guaranteed network availability
Dedicated project manager

Contract Price Plans (Incl. VAT)


Mbps NRC MRC - 12 months MRC - 24 months MRC - 36 months
10 R2999 R4499 R4409.02 R4364.03
20 R2999 R4999 R4899.02 R4849.03
30 R2999 R5699 R5585.02 R5528.03
50 R2999 R6199 R6075.02 R6013.03
100 R2999 R7899 R7741.02 R7662.03
200 R2999 R11,899 R11,661.02 R11,542.03

Prices include VAT

    Availability and pricing is subject to feasibility study and site survey.

Prices are subject to standard terms and conditions.   

Prices will be impacted if non-standard specifications are requested.

Pricing is strictly for on-net services only.


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To get connected request a call back, email us or call 082 1960, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone.

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