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Here’s what you need

Request payment from your customers in a few easy steps and and keep a record of all payments.


Have your Green ID Book or Smart Card ready in JPEG format.


You'll need your bank statement or bank confirmation letter in PDF or JPEG format.

Photo of yourself
Photo of yourself

Use your camera or webcam to take a selfie for verification.

Here’s what you need

Get started in 4 easy steps

How and when do I get paid?

At the end of each business day, VodaPay will perform a settlement process which considers all successful payments processed on your behalf as well as any refunds that you have performed.

On the next business day, VodaPay will calculate the amount due to you by offsetting any debits such as refunds or transaction fees, against payments received. The remaining balance is then paid into your designated clearing bank account.

A detailed view of this can be found on the Account Transactions screen of the merchant portal. Invoices for fees charged by VodaPay are available on the Documents screen on the merchant portal.

How and when do I get paid?
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Please read our FAQs section for any clarity regarding how this service works. For additional support, please reach out to our call centre.


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Merchant Portal Questions and Answers

Why choose VodaPay payment solutions

Our state-of-the-art VodaPay payment solutions are specifically designed with your small business in mind. Our VodaPay Max, Kwika and Chop-Chop card machines along with our e-Commerce and Payment Request services will afford you the opportunity to significantly improve your customer's shopping experience. Help you enjoy more security as payments are deposited directly into your bank accounts. This will help you make informed decisions based on analytics and sales insights.

What are the charges?

Our service fees are based on how much you make. You can pay a minimum of 2% or a maximum of 3% depending on how much you make each month.

What are the benefits of QR Code payments and how does it work?

Our QR code, also known as the VodaPay Chop-Chop, makes it easy for you to offer seamless payments. You'll also be able to continue accept payments during loadshedding. Plus, you get it for free when you rent a VodaPay Max or buy a Kwika Card Machine!

How can I check my transactions?

We've created a portal to assist you manage your card machines once you start receiving payments from your customers. You will be able to track daily sales, download documents and, in the future, send receipts via email. You can download your merchant statements and export your transaction history. The Merchant Portal allows you to view all your transactions and sales, across all your VodaPay payment solutions (VodaPay Max, VodaPay Chop-Chop, Payment Request and e-Commerce).

How long will it take for me to get activated?

It will take you approximately 30 minutes to apply online. Calls are free of charge. There is also a toll free number you can dial 011 066 0847.

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