Uncontended Internet

Managed service with standard SLA

FREE interim & backup solutions

What is Business Connect?

Business Connect is an uncapped, uncontended, unshaped, managed, and business-grade Internet service (with router) over the most feasible of our multiple access mediums. The service is packaged with a FREE wireless interim service that converts to your FREE backup service once the primary access medium is installed, and includes a standard SLA with guaranteed availability and uptime. The FREE backup solution is capped at 100GB but can be upgraded or topped up at standard data rates.

Our service promise

Help desk support

Standard reporting

Guaranteed network availability

Dedicated project manager

Product specifications

Business Connect is available on 12-, 24- and 36-month contract price plans:


Mbps NRC 12 months 24 months 36 months
20 R2,999.00 R3,999.00 R3,919.02 R3,879.03
30 R2,999.00 R4,999.00 R4,899.02 R4,849.03
50 R2,999.00 R5,499.00 R5,389.02 R5,334.03
100 R2,999.00 R7,999.00 R7,839.02 R7,759.03
Price Incl Vat

  • Availability and pricing is subject to feasibility study and site survey
  • Prices are subject to standard terms and conditions.
  • Prices will be impacted if non-standard specifications are requested.

Pricing valid till 31 November 2019


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