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Here’s what you need to know:

At Vodacom Business, we understand how important it is for you to be able to know how your data is managed and how it is used.

These are the changes we’re making for your mobile solutions:

Out-of-bundle data usage Image
Out-of-bundle data usage

Once your data bundles are depleted, internet access will stop. Restore your employee's productivity by selecting a reconnection method.

Voice and SMS limit lock Image
Voice and SMS limit lock

You will have the ability to block out-of-bundle charges on voice and SMS services.

Transfer your data Image
Transfer your data

You will be able to transfer available data to other Vodacom Contract or Top Up customers.

Extend your data Image
Extend your data

You will be able to extend the expiry date of an existing data bundle by purchasing a bundle of the same size and validity.

Please note:

As a Vodacom Business customer, you can effect changes to your account if you are the administrator or if you have self-service permissions. Refer to the FAQ’s if you need help with managing the data services for the lines within your organisation.

These are the changes we’re making for your fixed solutions:

connected icon
Transfer your data

Vodacom Business Broadband and Fibre to the Home customer on capped services will be able to transfer unused active data to other Vodacom Business Broadband and Fibre to the Home customers on the same capped service.

rank-networker icon
Extend your data

Vodacom Business Broadband and Vodacom Fibre to the Home customers will be able to extend unused active data on Broadband and Fibre capped services.

You’ll be able to do this for these Broadband products:

Broadband Connect Wireless Lite

Offers a faster and more efficient data network for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Business -talk -wireless image
Broadband Connect Wireless Premium

Reliable, fast broadband with uncapped access speeds from 2Mbps to 80Mbps at fixed rates.

Managed Satellite Image
Broadband Connect Satellite

Offers business Internet connectivity anywhere in South Africa in areas with no or limited coverage.

Business Internet Fibre Image
Broadband Connect Fibre Capped

Provides high-speed Internet access through scalable Fibre connectivity to businesses with higher bandwidth requirements.

Dedicated Internet Access Image
Broadband Connect Fibre Capped

Offers high-speed Broadband connectivity with speeds from 4Mbps to 100Mbps.

Frequently asked questions

    To request Voice and SMS Limit Locks you can:

    Email the ICASA Helpdesk on [email protected]
    Contact the Managed Service Desk
    Call 1940

    Voice and SMS Limit Lock allows you to opt-in to block out-of-bundle SMS and voice usage, as well as setting limits. You will not be opted-in automatically but you can opt-in if you would like to via the existing channels.

    • If your corporate administrator has given you self-service privileges, then you can manage the limit on your line by dialling *135#
    • If you don’t have self-service privileges, then you will need to contact your administrator.
    • If you are the Corporate Administrator, then you can manage the limits on your lines using the following channels:
    o Email Vodacom ICASA Helpdesk on [email protected]
    o Vodacom Account Manager
    o Dial 1940 for Vodacom Business Support
    o Vodacom Business Managed Service Desk

    • You can opt-out to ensure uninterrupted data usage, where self-service for the employee has been enabled
    • If the opt-out is not received and all data bundles available on the line are fully consumed, your line will unfortunately be locked from using data until a new bundle is purchased or an opt-out from data limit lock is received from the authorised administrator of the account

    Data on integrated price plans and data contracts will carry over for 30 days. Total validity of 60 days.

    Yes you need to opt-in each month per request and you will be charged per request. The service will not continue automatically after the first request.

    The service locks are independent from each other. If you reach the data limit then only data services will be blocked