Email security Benefits

The key benefits of Email security

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    Outsourced solution

    Save on time and hardware/software expenses that companies usually incur when setting up their own mail filtering solution.

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    Increase productivity

    Limit employee email abuse, such as sending large attachments and any non work-related mail.


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    Administrators may need to change rules set from time to time. Both inbound & outbound rules can be altered and customised via a customer portal


What is Email Security?

A fully outsourced email content filtering service for both incoming and outbound mail. The service is based on a market-leading email content security solution. With totally customisable filtering rules, it protects Vodacom Business SMEs and enterprise clients against email-associated threats by enforcing acceptable usage policies. The solution is designed to control the email traffic being received by a client from the Internet by blocking all unnecessary email before it enters the network in line with the client's policy needs.

Why choose Email Security?

Vodacom Email Security solution covers the following:
• Blocking profanity in incoming and outgoing email.
• Blocking racist, sexist or other politically insensitive remarks, particularly in outgoing email.
• Blocking sexually explicit images attached to email messages.
• Blocking specific types of attachments for users, such as MP3 audio files, AVI video files and executables.
• Restricting the size of incoming or outgoing emails.
• Blocking outgoing messages containing sensitive or confidential information from unauthorized email accounts.
• Adding customer specific disclaimers to all outgoing messages.

More benefits to your business

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By eliminating unwanted email content at the perimeter, valuable bandwidth can be saved.

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Blocked messages can be released if requested by a user via the onsite administrator,   using the customer portal. Notification of blocked email can be sent to notify users of policy-blocked mail.

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