Cloud and Hosting

Secure Device Manager
  • Available to existing and new
    Vodacom business customers
  • Protect your business from mobile
    security threats
  • Scalable, so the solution can grow
    with your business
  • Round-the-clock technical support
    with fast response times

Virtual Hosting With cloud manager
  • Manage your IT cloud easily and
    efficiently from anywhere, at any time
  • Get website access, so you can
    manage it without calling the call
  • Access a fully redundant server
    infrastructure enviroment which can
    be tailored to your business
  • Vodacom Cloud Manager Mobile
    Client for managing your IT cloud
    while on the move
Hosted Exchange
  • An entire email server giving you full
    administrative control
  • Get an unified messaging platform,
    calendaring, synchronisation and
    security features
  • Three offerings with different storage
    capacity, security and back-up
  • Rich Outlook functionality on your
    mobile device

Managed SAP
  • Full range of accredited, hosted SAP
  • Get best-in-class facilities, platforms,
    storage amd networking infrastructure,
    including Disaster Recovery and off-
    site back-up services
  • Full benefits of cloud computing
  • Customise your own managed SAP

Office in the Cloud
  • A complete virtual office created
    using cloud computing
  • Choose the hardware, telephony,
    printing, OS, apps, mailbox and
    support you need
  • FRange of other Vodacom hosted
    services that can be intergrated
    with this solution
  • A single service and support
    provider, with one consilidated
    invoice per month
Domain Services
  • A seamless, intergrated domian
  • Domian registration, parking,
    forward, lookup, renewal and
  • Unique website domain such as 
  • Local and international domians support

Cloud Monitor
  • Remote monitoring of cloud
    hosting enviroment
  • Get detailed information on your
    resource pools, virtual machines, and
    their performance
  • Predefined performance thresholds
    and recieve monitoring alarms well in
  • Basic and advanced packages as per
    your monitoring needs
Managed Hosting
  • All-in-one IT management solution for
    your business
  • Get  comprehensive server
    management in our top-class
  • Get full reports on server status,
    activity and performance

Dedicated Hosting
  • Exclusive hosting solution which ensures that you don't have to share servers with other customers
  • Get the benefits of an in house server without actually needing to create the entire physical and virtual set-up for it 
  • N+N redundancy ensures system availability and reduces single points of failure, thus enhancing the reliability and availability of your server